Mauli S.p.A.

Mauli S.p.A owner of Birba and Trybeyond brands, was founded in 1964 as a manufacturer of baby and kids wear. Its  constant research for satisfaction of customers, has allowed Mauli to widen their collections dedicated to target 0-14 years, ideal for any time of the day: from school to playtime, with a particular attention to ‘ceremony clothing‘.

The Company covers half Century of history of baby and kids wear. Mauli has grown together with their customers and is committed to ensuring, day after day, the highest standards of satisfaction for those who choose their products. Their work is based on the strong conviction that a satisfied customer is the most important evidence of an excellent service.

Furthermore, the constant attention to the price of products, has enabled Mauli to become one of the biggest Italian manufacturer of baby and kids wear , with over 10 million garments produced and sold each year.

The creation of clothing is for Mauli not just about “style” but also about being aware of all aspects related to the comfort and safety of children. All collections are designed in Italy and thanks to the experience and creativity of their designers, they represent the Italian excellence in the world of “kidswear”

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