Ellepi  S.p.A.

The history of Ellepi is the story of its founder, Luigi Palla – from whose initials it takes its name – who in the 1950s was among the first to produce children’s clothing in Italy

The Ellepi brand was born in 1966, since then its passion is renewed every year and is found in every garment: from stylistic research, to the selection of materials, to controlled production and almost entirely realized in its factories, to the continuous attention to quality even in the smallest details that make the difference.

A complete Italian collection for newborns 0-2 years old of sets, underwear and pajamas for kids up to 10 years old based on the company’s 80 years of experience, that combined quality, safety and practicality, making it “l’ intimo piu amato delle mamme», “the underwear most loved by mothers”

With licenses for Disney’s favorite characters such as Spiderman, Cars, Avengers, Frozen and of’ course the classic heroes such as Mickey Mouse and his friends!

About 6 million garments are sold each year, distributed through more than 500 customers including wholesale, specialized retail and large chains. Alongside the classic seasonal collections, the production of continuous articles ensures a quick restocking, which is one of the company’s strengths that have given it the Nr1 spot in the Italian intimo market.

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