We are extremely happy to announce the new partnership between Soriso and the famous and established CHICCO Italy, on their collections of clothes, accessories and shoes for kids 0-4 years old, which remain the company’s heart of global sales!

The collection consists of over 1000 samples in clothes, accessories, blankets, bibs and in total complete looks for young ages, made of high quality fabrics/

Classic and modern design, combined with a famous name that guarantees safety for young parents, as well as all your customers, as it will offer them the opportunity to select an eco friendly gift with a world-class brand name!

All Chicco clothing is accompanied by the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® tag and is checked and certified according to international standards.

It is our true honor to be selected by a company such as CHICCO for the representation of their collections in Greece and Cyprus. We will alwasy be available to service you before and after you receive your collections!

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